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The Instituto de Educação (IE) is the School of Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) dedicated to research, teaching and intervention in the public sphere, in the field of education and training.

We promote the best university education, providing our students with the right conditions to learn and take action in different contexts of education and training, in public services, in companies and in the third sector. Our educational offer is increasingly aimed at a variety of publics, from young people beginning their studies in the 1st cycle, to those seeking new skills during their professional careers, particularly through post-graduate training.

Research is our driving activity and we respond to the contemporary challenges of education and innovation by producing diagnostic and prospective knowledge, directed at public policy and action. We privilege research focused on the challenges of differentiation, modernisation and improvement of educational offers, and on political, social and cultural processes, of change in education.

We intervene primarily in Portuguese society, in multiple fields of education, while engaging intensely in academic and cooperation networks within Europe and in Portuguese speaking countries, from where we are receiving an ever-expanding contingent of post-graduate students.

We work hard to be ‘a voice in public action’, achieving powerful presence in the spaces where education is thought about, discussed, deliberated and implemented, and a ‘leading school’, in education and in research, in both national and international contexts.


Luís Miguel Carvalho
(IE Director)


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