The Didactics RG aims to coordinate, develop, integrate, and disseminate research in the fields of didactics of different school subjects, which are currently focused to the subject areas of mathematics, science, and physical education, from pre-school until university. Seen as a field of scientific study, didactics research focuses on different issues: (i) the content, history and epistemological processes of specific subjects; (ii) curriculum development, at different levels (national, school, classroom); (iii) student learning processes and their difficulties; and (iv) teacher education and training processes.


João Pedro da Ponte


Ana Cláudia HenriquesAna Maria MoraisAna Paula CanavarroAntónio Rodrigues
Claúdia FariaElisabete Linhares SequeiraHélia OliveiraIsabel Neves
Joana BrocardoJoana Mata PereiraJoão Filipe MartinsJoão Pedro da Ponte
Leonor SantosMarcos OnofreMargarida RodriguesMaria de Lurdes Serrazina
Marisa QuaresmaMónica BaptistaNélia AmadoPedro Reis
Sílvia FerreiraSusana Carreira

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