The RG studies the governing, organization, provision and evaluation of education. Its main objectives and strategies are: (1) Generate socially relevant knowledge, through the development of research lines that have placed the RG as a reference in Portugal and recognized in European and Brazilian contexts: education governance; lifelong learning, its policies and practices; evaluation of educational policies, programs and practices; history of educational institutions and policies; (2) Consolidate internationalization, by strengthening partnerships with national and foreign research groups, in funded research projects, networks and publication projects; and (3) Intensify knowledge transfer, through consultation, exchange and dissemination activities.


Natália Alves


Ana Luísa Rodrigues

António Nóvoa

António Rodrigues (FMH)

Belmiro Cabrito

Benedita Portugal e Melo

Carlos Manique da Silva

Carmen Cavaco

Catarina Paulos

Estela Costa

Joaquim Pintassilgo

Justino Magalhães

Luís Miguel Carvalho

Luísa Cerdeira

Marta Almeida

Natália Alves (Coordinator)

Paula Guimarães

Pedro Mucharreira

Sofia Viseu

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)

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