The RG studies the governing, organization, provision and evaluation of education. Its main objectives and strategies are: (1) Generate socially relevant knowledge, through the development of research lines that have placed the RG as a reference in Portugal and recognized in European and Brazilian contexts: education governance; lifelong learning, its policies and practices; evaluation of educational policies, programs and practices; history of educational institutions and policies; (2) Consolidate internationalization, by strengthening partnerships with national and foreign research groups, in funded research projects, networks and publication projects; and (3) Intensify knowledge transfer, through consultation, exchange and dissemination activities.


Natália Alves


Ana Isabel MadeiraAntónio NóvoaBelmiro CabritoBenedita Portugal e Melo
Carlos Manique da SilvaCarmen CavacoDomingos FernandesEstela Costa
Joaquim PintassilgoJustino MagalhãesLuís Miguel CarvalhoLuísa Cerdeira
Marta AlmeidaNatália AlvesPaula GuimarãesSofia Viseu

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)

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