Special Admission Contest for International Students 2024/2025

Open applications from January 2 to February 9, 2024

Second round of applications

  • Application between 23/03/2020 and 13/05/2020

Online applications

We recommend using one of the following browsers: Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome.

If you have difficulty in creating or recovering the Campus account password, please contact suporteIE@ie.ulisboa.pt, requesting help for creating/recovering credentials, stating your full name and identification number.

Conditions for access

Applying for registration and enrolment in the Bachelor Programme in Education and Training requires:

  • Holding a qualification that confers the right to apply for and enter higher education in the country where it was obtained;
  • Holding a Portuguese secondary education diploma or a legally equivalent qualification;

Observation: Please consult Notice 26/2023 for further details

Students with Portuguese Nationality or that of another European Union Country

If you have Portuguese nationality or that of another European Union country and you intend to apply for our Bachelor Programme, you must do so via the National Competition of Access and Entry to Higher Education, which provides for special regimes, namely for:

  • Children of diplomats;
  • National grant holders of Portuguese-Speaking African Countries;
  • High-performance athletes;
  • Natives and children of natives of East Timor.


There are also other procedures for access for:

  • Individuals over the age of 23;
  • Individuals with higher education courses;
  • Students attending Higher Education and intending to study at ULisboa, via transfer or change of course (institution/course change regime).

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