PhD Programme in Education

The PhD Programme in Education seeks to provide thorough training for graduates to develop competences to envision, design and conduct original and significant research in Education, particularly in one domain, thus contributing to scientific progress in the academic or professional context.

Adult Education Comparative Education Curriculum Theory and Development Educational Evaluation Educational Policy and Administration History of Education Information and Communication Technology in Education Mathematics Education Philosophy of Education Psychology of Education Science Education Teacher Education and Supervision (Artistic Education, Special Education, Teaching Languages)

Doctoral Programme in Artistic Education

The Doctoral Programme in Artistic Education is a joint doctorate between the Universidade do Porto and the Universidade de Lisboa, through the Faculties of Belas Artes (Universidade do Porto), Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação (Universidade do Porto), Belas Artes (Universidade de Lisboa) and Instituto de Educação (Universidade de Lisboa).

Doctoral Course in Migrations

The doctoral programme in Migrations, a scientific and pedagogic project of the Strategic Field of Social Sciences of the Universidade de Lisboa is a joint programme of the organic units in this area and grants a doctoral degree in the fields of knowledge of Anthropology, Political Science, Education, Geography, History, Psychology and Sociology.

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