Scientific coordination

Professor João Filipe Matos
Professor Guilhermina Lobato Miranda

Introduction and course goals

The doctoral course in ICT in Education aims to provide educators, teachers, teacher trainers and other educational practitioners advanced education of a pedagogical nature in the educational use of ICT. Research constitutes a strategic axis in the activities to be carried out in the course, with a view to developing in students the capacity to carry out research autonomously, deepen themes of the area and promote a critical reflection about the interfaces between ICT, education and society.

This course values the development of competences in the following areas:

 Autonomous operation of digital technologies aimed at envisioning their use in various fields of education and training, namely within the disciplinary framework and in curriculum-complementary, extensive and research activities.

 Analysis of the potentials and constraints for learning provided by different modalities of the use of digital technologies.

 Research about the use of technologies in education and training in a variety of modalities.

This course offers:

 A critical perspective about the use of technologies in education;

 Contact with the research community in this field;

 Possibility to expand horizons regarding the role of technologies in education through contact with research and intervention programmes, activities and programmes under way in Portugal and on an international level.


Target groups

This course is aimed at professionals or future professionals of education and training – namely trainers, teacher trainers, teachers (all of curriculum areas) and educators and coordinators of projects involving technologies in education and training. It may also be attended by other professionals interested in developing research concerning the use of digital technologies with educational or formative ends.

National and international students with a Master’s degree in Education or in other specialties may apply, as long as they have a professional and scientific curriculum and proved experience of education in the field of technologies and in its use in educational activities. Exceptionally, holders of a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent may also apply, if they have a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognised by the Instituto de Educação as attesting their capacity to carry out doctoral studies.

The main way to enter the doctorate is by applying for an open tender for a Doctoral Programme according to the field and specialty, with the indication of the number of places available. This invitation to tender will be advertised through a public notice and is subject to compliance with specific rules and forms.

In the doctoral areas where there is no call for tender, candidates must send an application to the Scientific Council of the Instituto de Educação of the Universidade de Lisboa, formalizing their candidacy. Only in exceptional and duly justified cases may an individual candidacy enter the doctorate in a specialty area in years when an open tender took place.

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