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The purpose of the Library is to provide IE-UL with the services and bibliographic and information resources needed to carry out research, teaching and education for life. Its scope includes guaranteeing the technical treatment of all the resources that are bought, documental treatment and the development of actions considered necessary to allow and promote the access of its users to a wide variety of information.  


2ª a 6ª, 09h00 às 19h30

July, 25th to August, 31th and  Semester breaks
2ª a 6ª, 9h30 às 17h30

Workshops da Biblioteca 2016/2017 - 2º semestre

Team Work

Tatiana Sanches - Head of Division
Ana Sofia Coelho – Senior Technician
Cristina Lopes - Senior Technician
Elisabete Viais - Technical Assistant

Gaspar Matos – Senior Technician
Helder Caiado - Technical Assistant
Rosa Pinheiro - Techical Assistant

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