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The Instituto de Educação is a new organic unit of the Universidade de Lisboa, dedicated to research, training and intervention regarding the problems of Education and Training in Portugal. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a better understanding of the educational phenomena and training processes, thus working towards to better quality education and training.

In order to reach this goal, we need the collaboration of all educational actors – teachers, trainers, educational experts, researchers, stakeholders, public and private institutions. Therefore, developing projects, creating partnerships and inter-institutional collaboration are key elements of our way of being. We hope to count on you, as a graduation or post-graduation student, a collaborator in research or training projects, or a critical interlocutor, to help us fulfil what we are setting out to achieve.

I hope you find these pages useful. For more information or if you want to leave us a message, do not hesitate to contact us at geral @ .

João Pedro da Ponte
Director of the Instituto de Educação

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