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Welcome (a) to the Campus UL

With one login, the IE students have access to a diverse set of electronic services that constitutes the Virtual Campus of the University of Lisbon:

Rede Wireless,444840&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
The free broadband internet and wireless is available in many University buildings with coverage in public spaces such as study areas, libraries, cafeterias, bars and some classrooms. There are some requirements to follow in order to use these wireless networks. This information, such as whereexists wireless coverage, is available at the above address.The wireless network also works on many other national and international universities.

Starting this service will have access to an e-mail from the university with a capacity over 7 GB. This will be your email program where you will receive information from the University and the Institute.

Academic Portal
This portal provides access to a set of online services: applications, registrations, payments in cash, requests for certificates, licenses, applications, providing schedules, statement of examinations and grades, all accessible from home or from the network without UL wires.

Contents of support classes, summaries, abstracts, subject programs, documents, papers, publication of papers, etc.

Bibliotecas Digitais, as the b-on, allowing access to a range of publications and scientific articles of great interest within and outside the University, by simply setting a VPN (,444865&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL).

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