Programme goals

 Acquiring a broad range of theoretical and methodological knowledge in an education specialty;

Developing a continued understanding in the field of education;

Acquiring research competences, skills and methods in education related to a specialty;

Developing the capacity to plan, design, adjust, carry out and report significant research in an education specialty, complying with the academic and scientific demands and standards of quality, rigour and integrity;

Developing the capacity to carry out original research projects in an education specialty, which contribute to broaden knowledge, and part of which deserves national or international dissemination through refereed publications;

Developing the capacity to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas;

Developing competencies to communicate research results in an education specialty to peers, the remaining academic community and society at large;

In a knowledge-based society, developing the capacity to promote social and cultural progress, in the academic and/or professional context.

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