1st Year

Curricular UnitSemesterECTSProgramme
Psychology of Development15
Sociology of Education and Training15
History of the Contemporary Educational Systems15
Technology in Education and Training15
Introduction to Educational Research15
Seminar 1 – Actors and Contexts of Education and Training15
Psychology of Learning25
Sociology of Education and Youth Cultures25
Curriculum Theory and Development25
Economics of Education and Training25
Qualitative Data Analysis22.5
 Seminar 2 – Analysis of Educational and Training Projects27.5

2nd Year

Curricular UnitSemesterECTSProgramme
Educational Policy and Administration15
Comparative Education15
Evaluation in Education and Training15
Quantitative data analysis12.5
Seminar 3 – Observation of Education and Training Dynamics17.5
Optional Subjet15
Education and Training Theory25
Models of Training25
Policies and Practices of Adult Education and Training25
Design of Projects with Digital Technologies25
Seminar 4 – Characterization of Education and Training Organizations27.5
Optional Subject22.5

3rd Year

Curricular UnitSemesterECTSProgramme
Educational Organizations Management15
Socioeducative Mediation15
E-learning and Distance Education15
Seminar 5 – Project Design in Education and Training110
Optional Subject15
Educational Relationship25
Seminar 6 – Development and Evaluation of Educational and Training Project210
Optional Subject215

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